brewer's yeast, nutritionals and wheat germ

Types and benefits of nutritional yeasts

Brewer's yeast is a fungus of plant origin, a natural dietary supplement that has been used since ancient times to ferment drinks such as wine or beer, but also has applications in cosmetics and health. Thanks to its multiple properties and benefits for our body, brewer's yeast and wheat germ are used to treat different aesthetic problems such as acne or hair loss, and some mild ailments such as digestive disorders, or to control appetite. Brewer's yeast is mainly composed of vitamins and proteins, which help to make up for some nutritional deficiencies, which can become an aesthetic problem over time.

Brewer's yeast for the skin

In addition to these beneficial properties, brewer's yeast and wheat germ have many other applications in our body, due to their high content of essential vitamins and minerals, such as selenium, chromium or potassium, brewer's yeast is a perfect nutritional supplement to strengthen and stimulate hair and nail growth, reduce cholesterol, improve blood circulation or control stress.

Brewer's yeast in capsules

Thanks to biotin, one of the main components of brewer's yeast, it helps to detoxify the skin, eliminating acne and combating premature skin ageing. Taking brewer's yeast and wheat germ help purify the body, eliminating more toxins, as well as containing essential fatty acids that can be very beneficial during pregnancy and lactation.

Brewer's yeast for acne

Brewer's yeast and wheat germ are important sources of essential vitamins and minerals for our body, as they provide large amounts of calcium, manganese, potassium and zinc, among other natural elements. It is therefore highly recommended to take brewer's yeast during times of stress and exhaustion, although it is also advisable to use it as a food supplement for growing children and pregnant or nursing women.

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