Waterpik Pink Battery Operated Wireless Mouthwash

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For effective oral hygiene

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84,35 € 79,95 €
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Waterpik Pink Battery Operated Wireless Handpiece is a wireless handpiece with 2 standard accessories included. Ideal for people wearing braces. It has everything necessary for proper dental hygiene. It facilitates cleaning and access to the most difficult areas to reach.

What are the advantages ofWaterpik Wireless Mouthwash?

  • More effective than flossing.
  • Possibility to choose between two levels for people with more sensitive gums.
  • Rechargeable device, no batteries or cables.
  • Its design saves space and is more comfortable to transport.

Total dental hygiene withWaterpik Pink Battery Operated Wireless Mouthwash!

Instructions for use

Do not start the sprayer until the nozzle is in the mouth.

Adjust the pressure according to your needs.

Pharmaceutical Advice

To maintain good oral hygiene, it is important to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste two to three times a day, after meals and once at night. Each brushing should last at least 2 minutes to ensure proper cleaning. We can also complement our oral hygiene routine by using a tongue cleanser, an interdental brush and mouthwash.

We can also use devices such as oral irrigators to ensure deeper cleaning. These devices use an adjustable pressurised water system that helps to remove bacterial plaque that adheres to the surface of the teeth, the gingival margin and the interdental spaces. These areas are harder to reach by brushing exclusively, especially if you have implants, prostheses or orthodontics, or if you suffer from periodontal issues.

They are very easy to use and will help to achieve deeper oral cleansing that reduces inflammation and bleeding gums. It will also help to reduce bad breath, largely caused by bacteria in the oral cavity. Remember that it is important to have regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure good oral health and hygiene.




That's exactly what you can expect. Easy to use, with the instructions well indicated and comfortable.the tank is a little small and sometimes you have to fill it a couple of times.for some reason I understood that rechargeable batteries came and are normal batteries.it's a little big to take it on the road and disassembled does not take up less space, but for the day to day at home is perfect.I bought it because I have put on orthodontics and the truth is that it makes cleaning much easier. Comes with two exactly the same nozzles.

Anonymous A.


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