Atashi™ Itsu dry skin cream 50ml

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An anti-wrinkle cream that relaxes the skin and helps delay the effects of aging


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Atashi | Atashi™ Itsu dry skin cream 50ml

Wrinkles are not just the result of the passage of time. The rhythm of life we lead and the stress is also reflected in the face. The muscles contract, the skin tightens and expression wrinkles appear as a result of fatigue and lack of relaxation. Atashi® takes these circumstances into account in all of its cosmetic lines, helping not only to fight the natural causes of wrinkles, but also to restore emotional balance for greater skin beauty.

Atashi® Itsu's anti-wrinkle corrective cream for dry skin incorporates the exclusive Dermosens, which relaxes the skin and soothes everyday stress. It also contains Spilanthol 50 which relaxes the muscles, causing the skin to shrink and smooth itself out, which also helps to delay the formation of new wrinkles.

The stabilized retinol molecular film contained in this cream helps to smooth wrinkles, even reducing their number and the depth of those that remain. Atashi® Itsu's anti-wrinkle corrective cream for dry skin is made from white tea extract and water lily flower milk, which, in addition to being responsible for its pleasant scent and melting texture, brings softness to the cream and the extra moisturizing touch that dry skin needs.

Helps delay the effects of aging, thanks to Atashi Itsu's sensory cosmetics.

Instructions for use

Use once or twice a day on clean skin.


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