Be+ anti-ageing dry skin restructuring cream 50ml+50ml + contour

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Anti-aging face treatments

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Be+ | Be+ anti-ageing dry skin restructuring cream 50ml+50ml + contour

The skin should hydrate and take care every day so that you look your best. If you are looking for an anti-aging treatment, trust in products of the brand Be +, specialized in facial cosmetic treatments.

This pack of Be + contains:

-Be + restructuring anti-wrinkle care SPF20 + 50ml: It is a powerful anti-aging for dry skin treatment that at the same time deeply moisturizes skin so that it recovers its softness and firmness. This cream has a very smooth texture and instantly absorbed by the skin. Get a deep hydration with Shea butter.

Thanks to its successful formula this cream penetrates instantly into skin enhancing collagen and cellular energy centers. Which will allow to provide us with a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being in our skin.

Its regular use allows to get an skin soft, hydrated, smooth and elastic. We will leave for tightness and irritations that caused dry skin, because we will achieve a perfect balance of moisture in our skin. It has protection SPF20 + that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

* Include two creams in this pack of 50ml each.

-Be + 15ml eye contour: It is a powerful triple action treatment:

  • Provides a higher level of energy to the cells to achieve a firm, elastic skin.
  • Action anti-bags, prevents the fluid retention in that area.
  • Effect dark circles, destroys the pirmentos responsible for the darkening of the skin under the eye.

Skin soft, smooth and without trace of imperfections.

Instructions for use

-Be + care restructuring anti-wrinkle SPF20 +: Apply in the morning extending gently over the skin perfectly clean neck and neck.

-Be + eye contour: Apply a small amount on the pads of the fingers and stroking it with your fingers so that you gain temperature.


-Be + care restructuring anti-wrinkle SPF20 +: ACTILAGEN 3D +, VITAMIN E, SHEA BUTTER.