Be+ Pack Revitalizing Facial Cream 50ml + Micellar Water 200ml

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Moisturizing and cleansing for facial skin


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Be+ | Be+ Pack Revitalizing Facial Cream 50ml + Micellar Water 200ml

Be+ Pack Revitalizing Facial Cream 50ml + Micellar Water 200ml is a face care pack containing 2 products:

  • Be+ Revitalizing Facial Cream 50ml is a concentrate of moisturizing and bioenergetic ingredients that prevents wrinkles due to dehydration. Its main assets are:

-Hydraflux+TM: activates the aquaporins acting on three levels:

-Activates and improves water transport inside the skin cells.

-Regulates the production of aquaporins (AQP3).

-It facilitates the retention of water and other moisturizing substances inside the cell.

-Vitacell: is a biotechnological extract that stimulates the production of ATP in the mitochondria, restoring the energy levels necessary to perform the functions of a young cell.

  • Be+ Agua Micelar 200ml is a product suitable for all skin types and especially suitable for combination and/or oily skins. It has a high cleaning capacity thanks to its micellar structure and also contains bamboo extract with softening properties. This micellar water has a fresh and pleasant texture that cleanses, removes make-up, purifies and softens the skin.

Instructions for use

Be+ Revitalizing Facial Cream 50ml: apply the product morning and/or evening on clean and dry skin.

Be+ Micellar Water 200ml: it is recommended to apply with a cotton pad on face, eyes, neck and neckline, leaving it on for a few seconds before removing. Can be used without rinsing morning and night.


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