Benestar™ regenerating firming cream 200ml

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Moisturizing shock treatment for bust, buttocks, abdomen, thighs and forearms


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Benestar | Benestar™ regenerating firming cream 200ml

To look beautiful and healthy, preserving a youthful skin appearance is essential. That's why it's important to use a moisturizing and regenerating treatment after your daily cleansing to nourish your skin in depth.

Benestar® Regenerating Firming Cream is a shock treatment that will help you moisturize, refirm and revitalize the skin of your body in a single gesture. This product is designed to regenerate the skin on the inside of the thighs, forearms, buttocks and abdomen.

Benestar® Regenerating Firming Cream combines up to five essential active ingredients to maintain body hydration:

  • - Native Collagen: acts as an epithelial regenerator, softening and tightening the skin. Collagen is responsible for leaving a pleasant feel on your skin.
  • - Elastin: gives elasticity to the skin and makes it much more resistant.
  • - Purcelin oil: has an excellent affinity and compatibility with the skin, providing optimal elasticity to the skin. Provides a pleasant feeling of softness and creates a protective layer against external agents.
  • - Vaseline oil: provides a film that preserves the skin's natural moisture.
  • - Glycerin: helps to hydrate the skin.

*It presents greater concentration thanBenestar® hydra-refirming cream.

Instructions for use

Apply initially as a mask, leave for a few minutes and then massage until completely absorbed.


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