Darphin Hydraskin Toilet Bag

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A full bag to go vacation with all the moisturizing treatments you need

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Darphin | Darphin Hydraskin Toilet Bag

Darphin Hydraskin toiletry bag is a comfortable and versatile way to always carry with you all the moisturizing treatments you need. You can reuse the bag that includes four Darphin products repeatedly since its zip closure system makes it the perfect object to go on vacation.

This bag includes the following Hydraskin line products:

-Cleansing micellar water to orange blossom Flower: this facial cleanser will ensure you a perfect hygiene before applying the rest of facial treatments. In addition, it will leave you with an immediate sensation of freshness and relief. Recommended for sensitive skin.

-Intensive Serum: a powerful serum that it will relieve the sensation of immediate, hydrating and softening the skin so that you gain flexibility and shine.

-Essential cream 15ml: this emulsion has effect flash reassuring about your skin, leaving it radiant and fresh. In addition, it will seek you hydration continued for 24 hours. It contains salicornia, which stimulates the synthesis of substances such as urea and the aquaporins responsible for retaining water from the hydrolipidic film.

-Kiwi 15ml moisturizing mask: this mask it will purify in depth your skin thanks to profits from this fruit. In addition, it will reinforce the skin's moisture barrier.

In the bag or suitcase: takes your beauty treatments there wherever you go!

Instructions for use

-Micellar water: soak a cotton and clean the face, eyes and lips without rubbing. Repeat the action until the cotton appears clean. No need to clarify.

-Serum: apply 3 beats in a perfectly clean face. Gently massage into face and neck with upward motion from the inside to the outside.

-Cream: apply on clean and dry skin with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

-Moisturizing mask: can be used 1 or 2 times a week. Apply generously to the skin, leave on for 5 minutes, then remove with a cotton ball.


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