Germinal moisturising cream 24H 50ml

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The moisturizer with a high content of Glycerin that cares for your skin throughout the day


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GERMINAL | Germinal moisturising cream 24H 50ml

The step that follows a good facial hygene is hydration. After leaving clean pores, they are ready to accept a moisturizing cream 24 hours can provide the water needed by the skin.

The moisturizing cream 24 Germinal has shown that increases the hydration of the skin up to 21 percent, not only providing moisture, but also contributing to skin it retains, thanks among other things to their high Glycerin content. It also contains Vitamin E antioxidant effect.

Their action 24 hours ago that it's not necessary to apply it at night, because its effect lasts throughout the day.

Instructions for use

Spread onto clean skin once a day. It is valid as a makeup base.


Extract of seeds of "Cassia Angustifolia", extract from seaweed "Codium Tomentosum', Laurydone derived from beeswax, fucogel, aquadew, glycerin, mixture of Ceramides equal to those of the skin, acetate, vitamin E, vitamin F, sunscreen 15 and Bisabolol.




I've been using it for a long time now and it's going great.

Anonymous A.


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