Lierac Initiatic energising smoothing fluid 40ml

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Fights against premature skin aging and eliminates the first wrinkles



Lierac | Lierac Initiatic energising smoothing fluid 40ml

When your face begins to show the signs of the passing of time, the time has come to monitor its progress with the help of cosmetics. one day you look in the mirror and discover with horror that the first expression lines around your mouth and eyes, as well as between your eyebrows, have crept into your face. This is the first sign of alarm: in this case, your face begins to be fertilized so that these fine marks become superficial wrinkles and progressively deeper, and it is time to use the most suitable creams that can effectively slow down the aging process of your skin;

Lierac Initiatic energizing smoothing fluidis the ideal treatment to correct the first wrinkles, it is a very effective lotion that contains ahigh concentration of energy and protectionelaborated with a powerful plant complex thathydrates and matifiesexceptionally for the skin, instantly combating shine. This cream matifies, moisturizes and protects the skin from aging;it smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines and helps to prevent their appearance;

The regular use of this product will allow you to get asmoother, smoother, more matt, hydrated, luminous and of better quality skin. Lierac Initiaticis a smooth and fluid cream that does not lubricate and nourishes the skin in depth, giving it a high dose of energy and vitality;

Correct your first wrinkles with Lierac Initiatic energizing smoothing fluid!

Instructions for use

Apply morning and/or evening to the face.


Biomimetic peptide stimulator, Goji berry concentrate, moisturizing matifying vegetable complex.


Pharmaceutical Advice

To delay skin photoaging, you need to know your exposome. As you know, your skin’s health depends on both internal and external factors, and the latter are encompassed by the exposome. Specifically, exposure to radiation and pollution, our daily habits, nutrition, stress and sleep. All these factors have a major impact on the health and quality of our skin.

To find an anti-aging product that suits your needs, you need to check if it has been designed to counteract some of these factors. The others are up to you, so remember to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, manage stress and get enough sleep so that your skin can rest too.


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