Lierac Prescription rebalancing micellar solution 200ml

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Lotion that cleanses and removes make-up from the most sensitive skin



Lierac | Lierac Prescription rebalancing micellar solution 200ml

Make-up beautifies our face but also, if it is not removed effectively, it can damage it. One way to care for your skin every day is to use a gentle cleanser at the end of the day.

Lierac Prescription rebalancing micellar solution is a gentle lotion that is perfect for cleansing your face and removing impurities and make-up residue. It has a high tolerance for not damaging your skin, while a high cleaning power to remove even the toughest makeup.

It has a SKRL3 technology patented and registered by Lierac, which combines the cleaning and regenerating power of seawater. In addition, it stimulates the skin's natural defences for greater protection every day.

*No parabens, dyes or perfume.

*Suitable for the most sensitive skins

Take care and cleanse your face every night!

Instructions for use

• Use the product in the morning and in the evening.
• Pour the product into a cotton pad and proceed to cleanse the face and neck with gentle movements to remove dirt without irritating the skin.
• Rinse the skin with lukewarm water (or as indicated by the manufacturer) and dry with a clean towel.
• Use as a second step in a double cleansing routine.


Pharmaceutical Advice

Micellar waters are very useful for facial cleansing, especially as a second step in a double cleansing routine at the end of the day (as a first step, use a cleansing balm or oil). They are formulated with an aqueous solution with micelles (small surfactant spheres) that trap dirt from the skin like magnets. They should not be mistaken for toners, even though they have a liquid texture in common.

Suitable for all skin types. They are ideal to remove light make-up or to cleanse the skin after exercise. Many of them also contain soothing, emollient and antioxidant ingredients to add a little something extra to your routine.


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