Nature Essential Chelated Magnesium 300mg 250 Tablet

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Helps regulate neuromuscular activity

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Dietary supplement in tablet form and provides a magnesium supplement to the body, being indicated to contribute to the normal functioning of muscles and regulate the function of the nervous system.
Prevents fatigue and helps to avoid the annoying cramps.
Chelated magnesium is useful because its chelated form facilitates absorption and prevents it from interacting with other minerals that could hinder its proper absorption.

Pharmaceutical Advice

Magnesium is a mineral needed for the different processes in our body, as it helps to maintain the regular function of the muscles and the nervous system. It is an essential nutrient for serotonin production (a neurotransmitter) and contributes to bone health. Food sources of magnesium include nuts, pulses, seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flaxseed, etc.) and cocoa.

In supplement form, magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness, as it plays an important role in obtaining energy in the body's cells. There are several magnesium salts, which is why food supplements may have slightly different properties depending on the salt they contain. Excessive consumption, or in more sensitive people, may have a laxative effect. It is therefore advisable to seek expert advice if supplementation is used. Remember that a dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.



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