Nature's Plus Source Of Life 60comp


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Multivitamin for energy and vitality


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NATURE´S | Nature's Plus Source Of Life 60comp

Many times, our busy life rhythm, the high mental performance we perform and the lack of time leads us to neglect our food, which can lead to deficits.

Nature's Plus Source Of Life is a food supplement that provides energy and vitality thanks to its formula with whole natural ingredients.

Among its properties are the following:

  • Helps to increase vitality and energy to cope with mental and physical exercise.
  • Contributes to skin care due to its antioxidant properties.
  • Supports normal physical and intellectual performance by its contribution of choline, omega-3 and B vitamins.
  • Provides the essential nutrients in cases of deficiency by weight loss diet.
  • Helps the optimal functioning of bones and joints by providing vitamin D.

Provides essential nutrients for the body!

Instructions for use

Take 1 tablet a day.


Vitamin a (beta-carotene), vitamin c (rose hip), vitamin d (calciferol), vitamin e, thiamine (vitamin b1), riboflabine (vitamin b2), niacinamide, vitamin b6 (pyridoxine), folate (áFolic acid), vitamin b12 (cyanocobalamin), biotin, pantothenic acidCALCIUM (OROTATE AMINOATE), IRON (ASCORBATE AMINOATE), IODINE (KELP ALGAE), ZINC (PICOLINATE AMINOATE), MAGNESIUM (OROTATE AMINOATE), Manganese (amino acid), potassium (complex amino acid), copper (amino acid), selenium (amino acid), chromium (amino acid), molybdenum (molybdate only)(dico), choline (as bitartrate), inositol, lemon and eucalyptus bioflavonoids, pineapple germentA, papaya, beetroot, brown rice and apple pectin, chlorofla, carotenoids, sunflower oil (linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic), blackcurrant seed oil with gla.




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