RoC™ Hydra+ hydrating cream for very dry skin 50ml

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Hydration and softness to your skin 24 hours


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ROC® | RoC™ Hydra+ hydrating cream for very dry skin 50ml

When the skin is too dry it means that it has lost the balance of the biological mechanism of natural moisture. This type of skin is more exposed to external factors and often suffer irritation and tends to lose softness. For this reason, it is vital to take care of it daily with a cream that provides you essential nutrients that will hydrate skin intense and lasting way and to reduce to the maximum the uncomfortable feeling that causes tightness in the skin.

Moisturizer RoC® Hydra + for very dry skin will allow you to retrieve the necessary in your skin hydration so you have a healthy-looking.

The excellent results of this product are due to a very innovative moisturizing agent, Hydroavance, which combines vitamins and essential nutrients to achieve triple hydration:

  • -Absorption and retention of water.
  • -Reconstruction of reserves of nutrients.
  • -Strengthening of the skin's protective barrier.

RoC® Hydra + for very dry skin contains the following properties:

  • -Hydrates due to their high Glycerincontent.
  • -Retains water and rebuild the dermis due to continuous moisturizing agent providing Hydroavance.
  • -Reinforces the skin's protective barrier and prevent the loss of water, thanks to the sunflower oil.

RoC Hydra +, allows you to get pass a very dry skin hydrated, soft and supple skin 24 hours!

Instructions for use

Apply daily on face and neck after cleaning them in depth.


Glycerin, Hydroavance and sunflower oil




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