ROC™ ROC™ flaccidity pack cleansing milk 200ml+ firming cream 50ml+eye contour cream 15ml

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Anti wrinkle Pack to reaffirm and makeup mature faces

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ROC® | ROC™ ROC™ flaccidity pack cleansing milk 200ml+ firming cream 50ml+eye contour cream 15ml

Take care of your face and get to rejuvenate it, with the help of the ROC and its anti-aging pack, which includes:

-Roc cleansing milk 200ml: is a cleaner face, indicated for skins more dry and sensitiveskin. It has ingredients that moisturize and soften the skin for 24 hours, leaving a pleasant sensation of well-being to your skin. Effectively removes all impurities and traces of make-up from your face, even acuo-resistant.

-Roc 15ml eye contour cream: is a cream suitable for smoothing the contour eyeszone. With fast action and, thanks to the effects of acid hyaluronic, fills in wrinkles and captures water moisturising the skin. It has a smooth and light texture that penetrates quickly into all skin types. Your eyes will look more rejuvenated.

-Roc firming cream 50ml: redefines the facial contours and smooths the skin of the face, with great effectiveness. Thanks to the action of its principles acitvos, such as:

  • THPE, molecule of firming and lifting effect .
  • Bugrane, extract of Ononis spinosa, get firming, toning and smoothing the skin of the face.
  • Glycerin: moisturizes the skin to achieve a softer touch.

Give your skin the treatment it deserves!

Instructions for use

ROC milk cleaning: apply in the morning and in the evening with the help of a cotton and remove with perfecting tonic.

ROC cream contour eyes: apply daily, morning and night with Pat and massage the eye contour.

ROC firming cream: apply daily on face and neck.




Perfect texture. Ideal for mature skin with great results.

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