Sensilis Ritual Care cleansing oil 150ml

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Removes the toughest makeup and impurities without damaging the skin


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Sensilis | Sensilis Ritual Care cleansing oil 150ml

To remove daily make-up and pollution it is essential to cleanse our skin daily. Make-up removal is essential to remove all make-up from our face and to keep our skin clean from other factors such as pollution, which causes duller faces when it gets into our black pores. Thoroughly cleansing our skin every night is essential for it to breathe and for us to be able to hydrate it in good condition.

Make-up is a very harmful barrier to our skin that can be removed with Sensilis Ritual Care Cleansing Oil. It is the ideal formula to remove make-up and cleanse the skin in depth, providing a touch of softness at the end of the process. Suitable for all skin types, it allows to remove 100% effectively the make-up and dirt accumulated during the day on our face;

By mixing this oil with water it becomes a very powerful fluid milk to remove makeup from face, eyes and lips. After use, remove with water;

The correct composition of Sensilis Ritual Care provides the following properties:

  • -Excellent cleaning efficacy - Removes make-up, even waterproof make-up, from the face, eyes and lips in depth;
  • -Excellent tolerance - This cleaning oil contains a mixture of high tolerance emollients and softening oils that clean thoroughly without attacking the skin.
  • -It does not lubricate the skin and provides an immediate feeling of well-being;

Sensilis Ritual Face Cleansing Oil is an ideal product for cleaning the most resistant make-up and offers great tolerance and comfort for all skin types. It is a product without parabens;

Get a clean and hydrated face with Sensilis Ritual Care Cleansing Oil!

Instructions for use

• Use the product in the morning and in the evening.
• Apply directly onto the skin without mixing with water and massage well to remove any leftover make-up, sunscreen, etc.
• If the product emulsifies, rinse the skin with lukewarm water and dry with a clean towel, or remove with a muslin or cotton pad.
• Use as a first step in a double cleansing routine.
• This product is particularly suitable to remove light make-up or sunscreen.


No parabens.


Pharmaceutical Advice

Cleansing oils are one of the best products as the first step of a double cleanse evening routine: they dissolve make-up, impurities, excess oil, particle pollution and traces of sunscreen. They are normally used in the evening routine, with an emphasis on massaging them into the skin so that all dirt is trapped in the oil. They are then removed with water or as indicated for each product. They are suitable for all skin types, although they are ideal for dry skin, as they can reduce the feeling of discomfort. You can also choose another product (cleansing gel or foam) as a second step of a double cleansing routine.



Does not dry the face. Very rich smell.

Anonymous A.

Surprising. Clean as a whistle.

Anonymous A.

Leaves skin super soft

Anonymous A.

Excellent quality

Anonymous A.

Soft and skin-friendly.

Anonymous A.


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