Supradyn™ Protovit drops 15ml


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The extra dose of vitamins your baby needs for development


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Protovit | Supradyn™ Protovit drops 15ml

Vitamins are involved in various biological processes of great importance to all people, but especially to children. They regulate the metabolic processes and cellular activity and are therefore essential for the correct growth of the child, but also intervene in its intellectual development.

A varied diet that provides everything the child needs to grow is essential for a good child's health, but sometimes the body needs a little help.

The Supradyn® Protovit poly vitamin drops provide the child with vitamins as important as Vitamin A, which helps to develop good vision, especially at night; Vitamins of the B group, which contribute to the correct functioning of the body;vitamin C, which helps to develop healthy bones, cartilage, teeth and skin, while also promoting the absorption of iron from the diet, or Vitamin D, which helps to absorb calcium and the proper development of the immune system.

The Supradyn® Protovit® PolyVitamin® Drops contribute to the correct physical and intellectual development of the child and are also suitable for use in adults. The use of vitamins should never replace a balanced and healthy diet.

Instructions for use

CHILDREN up to 6 years old: 6 drops once a day. 7-14 year
olds: 10 drops once a day.
10 drops once a day. 10 drops once a day.


Retinol (INN) (Vit. A) 3,000 I.U. Thiamine (INN) (Vit. B1) 2.0 mg Riboflavin (INN) (Vit. B2) 1.5 mg Nicotinamide (INN) (Vit. PP) 15.0 mg Pyridoxine (INN) (Vit. PP) 15.0 mg Pyridoxine (INN) (Vit. B1) XPanthenol (INN) 10.0 mg Biotin (INN) (Vit. H) 0.2 mg Ascorbic acid (INN) (Vit. C) 80.0 mg Ergocalciferol (INN) (Vit. C) 80.0 mg Ergocalciferol (ICD) (Vit. C) D) 900 U.I. DL-tocopheryl acetate (DCI) (Vit. E) 15,0 mg Glycerol 486,5 mg. propylene glycol 220,0 mg.Hydrogenated polyoxyl 40 beaver oil 50,0 mg methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, sodium p-hydroxybenzoate, sodium saccharin, orange D flavouring, deterpenated lime flavouring, banana flavouring 50.213/A and water.




Juan A.

Recommended by the pediatrician for a period of deprivation resulting from various intolerances

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according to my expectations.

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Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy

This product may not be consumed by coeliacs or people suffering from phenylketonuria;

If you want to administer the product to babies aged 0-36 months, consult your paediatrician beforehand.


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