Venoforte Piernas Ligeras 10amp


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10-day treatment that improves circulation in your legs


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Arkopharma | Venoforte Piernas Ligeras 10amp

High temperatures and a sedentary life are key factors for the appearance of symptoms when suffering from venous insufficiency. Heavy legs, tingling and cramps, especially at the end of the day, become more severe in summer and are indicative of poor circulation in the legs.

This problem (much more frequent in women than in men) can be alleviated and its solution can be stopped with medicinal plants. Among them, the Red Vine is the most recognized, but also the Rusco, the Hamamelis and the Horse Chestnut are effective to improve the problem.

Heaviness in the legs is often a very common complaint after long working hours, long journeys and long periods of sitting down. In addition, the accumulation of fluid produced by a sedentary lifestyle and an unbalanced diet can aggravate these discomforts.

Venoforte Light Legs is a treatment in ampoules and capsules that, thanks to a formula rich in red grapevine, rustic, witch hazel and chestnutor from the Indies, will help the circulation of the legs and reduce the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Ideal for the hottest seasons!

Instructions for use

Take 1 ampoule in the morning at breakfast.



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