Vichy Cellebiotic Night Balm 50ml

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It helps to improve the brightness and elasticity of the skin



VICHY | Vichy Cellebiotic Night Balm 50ml

Do you have the skin off? At a certain age our dermis loses elasticity and luminosity, so you need a treatment that reactivate your skin cells.

The balm Cellebiotic night Vichy is a revitalizing treatmentthat reactive cell regeneration and stimulates the skin's natural defenses. Compensates for aggressions suffered during the day, and thus be able to recuperar the vitality of your face.

The combination of biotique-b8 + carbohydrates, acts during the night, where is completely reinforces cellular health. The result will be a creamy texture and feeling of comfort and softness to your skin.

* Suitable for very mature skin (from the age of 60).

Reclaim the splendor of your skin!

Instructions for use

Apply on the affected area of your face with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.


Pharmaceutical Advice

To delay skin photoaging, you need to know your exposome. As you know, your skin’s health depends on both internal and external factors, and the latter are encompassed by the exposome. Specifically, exposure to radiation and pollution, our daily habits, nutrition, stress and sleep. All these factors have a major impact on the health and quality of our skin.

To find an anti-aging product that suits your needs, you need to check if it has been designed to counteract some of these factors. The others are up to you, so remember to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, manage stress and get enough sleep so that your skin can rest too.


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