Bella Aurora 3 step stain resistant kit

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Your most comprehensive treatment to combat pregnancy spots


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Bella Aurora | Bella Aurora 3 step stain resistant kit

You are pregnant and don't know how to avoid stains out you? Leaving many pregnant spots on cheeks, forehead, upper lip and Chin because of the hormones. Leave these stains as they come at a time but if you want to prevent you going, especially during the summer with sun exposure, we recommend you try the following treatment.

Kit 3 steps of Bella Aurora is a cosmetic treatment that helps to remove deep stains of the face, mostly due to hormonal change that occur during pregnancy (the called chloasmas). It includes the following products:

  • Lightening Exfoliating gel 75ml: This is step 1 of the treatment and helps to accelerate the whitening process. Perfect for mix skin tone and stimulate cellular renewal.
  • Bio10 anti-stain treatment of shock SPF15 + 30ml: It is step 2 of treatment and helps to eliminate the darker spots and prevents the appearance of new.
  • Fluid Sun whitening SPF50 + 50ml: It is the last step of the treatment and ensures a protection high against UVB/UVA sun rays.

* The results are visible from the sixth week.

Your most comprehensive treatment to combat pregnancy spots.


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