Enerzona black olives recipe snack recipe 7 minipacks

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If you snack between meals, don't neglect the balance of your diet


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Enerzona | Enerzona black olives recipe snack recipe 7 minipacks

Hunger between meals is the first enemy of weight loss diets, assuming a lack of control over the calories and nutrients calculated when preparing the menu. That's why it's essential that, if you're usually hungry between meals, you have a snack that matches your diet.

Enerzona snack recipe black olives is a food supplement especially indicated for weight control, a snack that can be combined with low-calorie diets;

Following the 40-30-30 balance, Enerzona Snack Recipe Black Olives offers the proportion your body needs of carbohydrates (40%), protein (30%) and fat (30%) to take away your hunger without increasing your fat and calories;

Presented in convenient packages of 3 crackers, they offer an easy and convenient way to maintain the proportion of your diets;

Enerzona snack recipe black olives, a nice salty flavor that will help you keep your diet!

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I love it, it tastes good

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