Lierac Cohérence L. IR day & night lifting cream 50ml

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Night and lifting effect anti-wrinkle day cream


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Lierac | Lierac Cohérence L. IR day & night lifting cream 50ml

Sagging is the loss of skin firmness, this above all is because over the years by the loss of collagen and elastin, substances that provide support, elasticity and firmness, to all the skin of the body.

Lierac Coherence L. IR day & night lifting cream is a cream inspired by infrared laser that uses the micro-crystals of tourmaline to reactivate collagen synthesis. Thanks to its formula this cream guarantees a result of firmness and lift visible:

  • -Booster vectors of collagen III (4%).
  • Tourmaline-micro-Cristales: favor to the synthesis of collagen fibers.
  • -Extract of pomegranate seeds: properties antioxidants and hydrating.
  • -Shea butter and vegetable Glycerin-based moisturizing agents: nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Stand him up to wrinkles!

Instructions for use

Apply on the face in the morning or in the evening. Massage on forehead, cheeks and Chin, from the middle to the outside of the face. Later down along the midline of the face neck. Finally, spread it around the lips.


Pharmaceutical Advice

To delay skin photoaging, you need to know your exposome. As you know, your skin’s health depends on both internal and external factors, and the latter are encompassed by the exposome. Specifically, exposure to radiation and pollution, our daily habits, nutrition, stress and sleep. All these factors have a major impact on the health and quality of our skin.

To find an anti-aging product that suits your needs, you need to check if it has been designed to counteract some of these factors. The others are up to you, so remember to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, manage stress and get enough sleep so that your skin can rest too.



The taste is pleasant and even more so when fresh. Soon no longer available because the new formula has taken its place with 100 more calories and a sweeter taste.

Anonymous A.


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