Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Light Therapy Acne Mask

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Treatment that helps fight facial acne

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Neutrogena® | Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Light Therapy Acne Mask

Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Light Therapy Acne Mask is a phototherapy treatment, ie a facial acne treatment which reduces blemishes in inflamed pores of the skin and prevents the appearance of acne. After continuous 10-minute sessions a day, Acne Phototherapy Mask technology has clinically proven that it:

  • Reduces outbreaks.
  • Allows the skin to heal gently from the inside out.
  • Visibly improves the appearance of the skin giving it a healthier, blemish-free appearance.

*Clinically proven to reduce acne from the first week onwards

*98% of people with acne had fewer outbreaks after 12 weeks

*Safe product to use even with eyes open

This product contains a mask and activator with 30 treatment sessions (batteries included).

Instructions for use

How to use Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Light Therapy Acne Mask

  1. Wash and dry the face before each treatment.
  2. Open the temples and put on the Anti Acne Phototherapy Mask as if you were wearing glasses.
  3. Press and hold the activator on/off button for 1 second until the mask turns on.
  4. The Mask will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

Do not use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Light Therapy Acne Mask if you are pregnant, may be pregnant, or may be breastfeeding, as the risks are unknown and have not been established.




Eva M.

I recommend it, the week I see results. (My acne is mild but constant on the chin

MªÁngeles A.

I didn't have time to see a lot of results, because I've had 5 sessions. But so far it seems fine. What I don't understand is how they allow the control to"expire" at 30 sessions. I find it abusive

Janire S.

Pharmaceutical AdvicePharmacy


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