Nuxe Splendieuse anti-dark spot perfecting mask 6 sachets x 21ml

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Anti-stain mask suitable for all skin types

21 ml


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Nuxe | Nuxe Splendieuse anti-dark spot perfecting mask 6 sachets x 21ml

The stains on the skin are one of the most common dermatological problems, either as a result of the action of sunlight, aging or marks due to old wounds.

Now, with the new Nuxe Splendieuse product range, stains can no longer be a problem. The Nuxe Splendieuse Spot Mask works by reviving the brightness and reducing both the size and colour of the stains.

NUXE Splendieuse is suitable for all skin types and the Nuxe Splendieuse mask revives, illuminates and refines your skin for a radiant face.

Dare to try it and your skin will look shiny and free of blemishes!

Instructions for use

Remove the mask from the container and apply to clean, dry facial skin, leaving it on for approximately 10 minutes. Remove the mask and massage the area with the excess product remaining on the skin. Repeat once or twice a week.


Pharmaceutical Advice

The Splendieuse stain mask is suitable for all skin types. Thanks to its action, the size and colour of the stain is reduced and its colour is revived. It should be applied for 10 minutes.

For a perfect result, we recommend combining the Splendieuse stain mask treatment with Splendieuse serum and Splendieuse cream or Splendieuse fluid, which complement and reaffirm its action

Sun protection is essential to prevent the formation of stains so if you have to spend a lot of time in the sun, we recommend the use of sun protection as a supplement;

NUXE Splendieuse cream contains at least 85% natural products and does not contain parabens.


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