Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector 30ml

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Corrective cream to reduce persistent pigmentation and prevent its reappearance

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Skinceuticals | Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector 30ml

Over the years, our skin accumulates the harmful effects of sun exposure. It particularly affects skin pigmentation and the appearance of skin blemishes and imperfections.

Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector is a corrective cream that reduces persistent pigmentation and prevents its reappearance, and also enhances resistance to new pigmentation effectively in any skin type, whether normal or oily;

Thanks to its active ingredients, hydroxyphenoxy acid and ellagic acid, it reduces unwanted pigmentation and increases skin tone uniformity and luminosity;

*Paraben-free and non-comedogenic.

Take care of your skin and blur the pigmentation spots!

Instructions for use

Apply once or twice a day, a small amount to dry skin and other affected areas. For morning use, first apply an antioxidant serum followed by advanced pigment corrector and sunscreen. Limit sun exposure.


Pharmaceutical Advice

When we talk about spots, we are referring to areas of the skin that accumulate melanin. Did you know that there are several types of facial spots? They can be solar lentigo (the most common), melasma (also called chloasma, that typically appears during pregnancy) or actinic keratosis (associated with aging and a sign of accumulated sun damage). Some medication, such as hormonal contraception, can increase the appearance of melasma.

The first and most important step to take is to include a good sunscreen in your daily facial routine. Especially with SPF50. It is also advisable to avoid the sunniest hours of the day and use other means of protection, such as sunglasses, hats, etc.

I recommend following a routine with cosmetic products that help to both minimise their appearance and prevent them from getting darker. They usually contain exfoliating and depigmenting ingredients that soften the colour of the spots and unify the skin tone. These treatments are recommended in autumn and winter, as they can be photosensitising. In summer, the treatment can be continued, as long as you protect yourself appropriately from the sun and use products that your skin can tolerate or that are less concentrated.

You can start, for example, by applying an anti-spot serum before your usual cream. The most popular active ingredients for spots are kojic acid, vitamin C, tranexamic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide...

Finally, if you do not know what is causing your blemishes or notice an unusual appearance, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist. Book a check-up appointment, especially if your skin has actinic keratosis and/or many nevi (moles).



If it's very effective

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Texture and how it leaves the skin, now waiting for positive results, in reference to the spots of the face.

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