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Comprehensive program of skin renewal with chemical peeling. Rejuvenating effect in 3 weeks!

Mascarillas 3uds x 12ml + crema antiedad 20ml

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Sensilis | Sensilis Age Lab

Especially after periods of stress or exposure to the Sun and pollution, our skin accumulates dead cells. They tend to lead to problems renewing and loss of elasticity, needing intensive care and skin renewal treatment.

A chemical peel is a dermatological treatment that using organic acids for exfoliation, gets an intense skin renewal. With your application, the consgue skin renew its protective barrier, protecting the different structures of the skin layers and renewing its appearance. Sensilis Age Lab is a peeling renovator anti-aging program that gets your skin in just 3 weeks, recover its smoothness and is rejuvenated, revealing a new lumionisidad and a more homogenous tone.

This pack includes the following products:

-Peeling Solution Sensilis 3uds X 12ml: mask of weekly application that exfoliates the skin intensively, renewing the tissues outside and inside. 3 masks in increased concentrations of active ingredients are provided to ensure maximum results. Each week will apply a mask:

  • -Week 1. 5% AHA COMPLETO + 6% EPB3 COMPLEX
  • -Week 2. 7.5% AHA + 8% EPB3 COMPLEX
  • -Week 3. 10% AHA + 10% EPB3 COMPLEX

-Sensilis 20ml anti-aging renewal treatment cream: daily solution that provides the skin with active renovators that soothe and hydrate the skin. Your face will regain its luminosity, they will reaffirm their tissues and provide elasticity.

Reclaim the youth of your skin!

Instructions for use

Step 1. Each week will apply a mask. Open the envelope AGE LAB and remove the dry mask. Pour it into the bowl and pour the bottle AGE LAB PEELING SOLUTION. Place on clean face, wait 5 minutes and remove. It does not require additional rinsing.

Step 2. Every morning and night, apply the cream on clean and dry skin.


Pharmaceutical Advice

Sensilis Age Lab is intended as treatment Intesive for women who want to improve the texture of the skin, reducing wrinkles. Sensilis Age Lab also minimizes skin blemishes and improves the brightness, and achieves a more even tone of the face.




I already knew the product and it works very well. What I didn't like very much is that I received it on September 23rd and the expiration date printed on it was 09/2016.

Anonymous A.

Total renewal of the skin!

Anonymous A.

I'm still trying the 3-week treatment, but it looks really good

Anonymous A.

very good product, I love good price compared to others with lesser or equal results

Anonymous A.

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